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Bridging Loans

Let us help you find the best deal on bridging loans

If you need to secure short term finance to buy property, invest into a business, carry out property improvements, or for any other purposes, we can help you find the best deals available.

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We work with a number of highly experienced bridging loan brokers who can help you find the very best rates available on short term finance.

  • We consider applications from customers with adverse credit and CCJs
  • Our brokers compare bridging finance deals from all the leading UK lenders
  • We work with the majority of UK bridging finance providers
  • Our team provide access to leading rates on bridging loans

For all the latest deals on bridging loans, try our free bridging loan calculator or call us on 0117 313 8872.


What are bridging loans?

Bridging loans are a type of short term finance designed to plug a temporary gap in funding for a property purchase, building project, business investment or other purposes. They are commonly used when a customer needs to access a relatively large amount of money quickly, such as for when buying a property at auction.

Bridging loans are usually secured against an asset, such as a property and tend to last for around a year or less, although some can run for up to 3 years. A bridging loan is normally intended as a temporary solution, to be replaced by a more permanent type of borrowing, such as a mortgage, at a later date.

Interest rates on bridging loans tend to be relatively high so it is highly advisable to shop around or work with an experienced broker to get the best deal possible.

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Benefits of bridging loans

Taking out a bridging loan can offer the following advantages to borrowers:

  • Loans from £50,000-£15million
  • Borrow up to 70-75% of a property’s market value
  • Available on both residential and commercial properties
  • Borrow as an individual, limited company, sole trader or partnership
  • May be available as a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th charge loan on properties already subject to secured loans

Get the best rates on bridging loans

Our specialist team of bridging finance advisors can help you find the best deals on bridging loans from across the market and work out which are the best matches for your needs and finances. That way you can get the money you need, when you need it, at a cost you can afford.

Have a questions about accessing a bridging loan or other form of secured borrowing? Call us today on 0117 313 8872 for a free initial consultation or use the contact form at the top of the page for a quick response.

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Bridging Loans