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Bridging loans can be used for residential, commercial, refurbishments, change of use and capital raising - call us.

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Regulated bridging loans

Compared regulated bridging finance deals

If you need short term finance secured against a property you are living in or intend to live in, a regulated bridging loan is likely to be your best option. They are a highly popular way of filling a temporary hole in your finances when you need to move quickly on a property deal or are unable to secure more traditional funding as fast as you need to for any other reason.

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Our expert team of loan advisors can help you find the best deals available on regulated bridging loans.

  • See bridging finance offers from the UK’s top lenders
  • Find the most attractive rates from across the market
  • Even if you have adverse credit or CCJs, we may still be able to help

For all the latest deals on regulated short term finance, try our free bridging loan calculator or call us on 0117 313 8872.


What are regulated bridging loans?

Bridging loans are usually offered over a term of 12 months or less, although some providers will give terms of up to 3 years. Some bridging loans are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and others are not.

In general, whether a bridging loan will be FCA regulated or not depends on what kind of asset you will be securing the loan against and what the money will be used for, although other considerations may also have an impact.

A bridging loan will normally be regulated if:

  • Secured as a first charge or second charge against a property the borrower lives in, or their family or partner lives in

A bridging loan may not be regulated if:

  • Secured as a first charge against a property neither the borrower, their partner nor their family lives in
  • Secured as a second charge against a property the borrower, their partner or family live in, but the loan is in excess of £25,000 and is intended for business purposes
  • Secured as a second charge mortgage on the home of the borrower, their partner or family, but the borrower is considered a high net worth individual

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Benefits of bridging finance

With a bridging loan you can normally:

  • Borrow £50,000-£15million
  • Unlock up to 70-75% of a property’s market value
  • Secure loans against residential and commercial properties
  • Access finance as an individual, limited company, sole trader or partnership
  • Take out a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th charge loan on properties where you already have secured debt, such as a mortgage, subject to circumstances

Get the best rates on regulated bridging loans

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