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Bridging loans can be used for residential, commercial, refurbishments, change of use and capital raising - call us.

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Second Charge Bridging Loan

Let us help you find the best second charge bridging loan

If you are looking for a second charge bridging loan, we can help you find the most competitive deal on the market.

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As well as offering home loan deals offered by lenders for people with good credit histories we also work with second charge bridging loan brokers who search the UK secured loans market to find you the best rate.

  • Adverse Credit and CCJs loan applications considered

  • Leading UK second charge bridging deals compared

  • Whole of market broker - we deal with most UK second charge bridging lenders.

  • Rates - Access to leading second charge bridging rates.

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Second Charge Bridging Loans

What is a second charge bridging loan?

Second charge bridging loans are becoming an increasingly popular way for lenders to obtain additional capital to purchase investment properties, inject into businesses or to make refurbishments to their properties without disrupting their existing mortgages.

Similar to a second charge mortgage, a second charge bridging loan is secured against a property that already has an outstanding loan or mortgage. It is commonly used as a solution for those who wish to raise finance without remortgaging cheap tracker or fixed rate deals.

Second charge loans are designed for short term finance. Unlike other secured loans, you can only expect a second charge loan to last between 12 and 18 months. As it sits behind a first charge loan, a second charge loan tends to be more expensive, reflecting the additional risks associated with these loans to lenders. However, there are still respectable, competitive rates available to lenders, should you visit a bridging loan specialist.

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Additional features of a second charge bridging loan

In addition to the previously mentioned features, customers of second charge bridging loans can also expect to receive.

• Loans available from £50,000
• Increase the total borrowing on your property to a maximum LTV of 70-75%
• Available on residential or commercial properties
• In some cases 3rd or 4th charge is also available.

Find the best deal

We have a specialist second charge bridging loan advisory team, who can help you calculate the bridging loan terms that you can comfortable afford. Additionally, our expert team can also compare a range of leading bridging loan deals, to help you find the ideal loan perfect for your personal circumstances.

If you have any questions or queries about calculating a secured loan, why not call us today on 0117 313 8872, for a free initial consultation; or fill in our contact form to request a call back.

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